Optimization of Retail System for Integrated Retail Management processes clubbed with a detailed view of the inventory throughout the operational chain is critical. Furthermore, fluctuations in demand, speed of replenishment, effective movement of goods from the warehouse/distribution center to their respective destinations within and across stores, are critical pieces of information that should be made available to the decision makers in the quickest possible time.

Most retailers need an end-to-end solution, which provides them a real time view of their operations with centralized control and enables them in faster decision-making. Successful retailers choose retail solutions to manage their retail operations like Loyalty Management, Promotions, Inventory Management, Inventory Planning, Business Intelligence, integration with good backend solution apart from having a great Point of Sale and Store Management. With iVend Retail, retailers get every aspect of IT needs under one roof.

Large retailers with hundreds of stores can run the entire iVend Suite of Retail Applications to become more efficient and profitable. While small retailer with 20-30 store chain can also run required iVend modules today and opt for advanced iVend modules as-and-when the retail chain grows. iVend lets you grow at your pace and helps you adopt every innovation in retail industry when you are ready.

iVend POS

Point-of-sale (POS) is fast changing its function, configuration and form. It is no longer a place where customers queue up and get their items checked out.

In today’s times of mobility and ubiquitous connectivity, a POS is expected to do much more than transaction processing and it plays a critical part in retailer’s strategy of customer engagement and enhanced customer service.

The new age POS, Point-Of-Service as it is now called, integrates functions like customer loyalty management, inventory management, merchandizing and many more.

The POS is also helping retailers to maximize their real estate space and enhance customer experience by deploying Mobile POS, which allow the cashier to tender out / cash out a customer using POS on mobile devices like iPhone, iPads or Android tablets.

iVend Mobile POS

Mobile POS as the name suggests is a POS which operates on a handheld device like an iPhone or iPad or select models of Android tablets. iVend Store component at the retail outlet or alternatively directly into iVend Enterprise at the Head Office in case iVend Store component is not installed at the retail outlet. Mobile POS brings the power and effectiveness of a traditional POS to a mobile device and helps retailers enhance customer experience and also maximize the real estate in the store.

iVend eCommerce

Retail smart & swift. Getting your own online store up and running to sell your products online is no more a challenge. Build your own e-commerce business that runs 24X7 on iVend eCommerce.

iVend eCommerce is an e-commerce Platform allowing your customers to buy products on the Internet. The application offers detailed product listings, shopping cart and payment processing features and delivers an exceptional user experience power packed with hundreds of features.

iVend eCommerce offers to extend a retailer’s reach to its customers by taking his business online. It is seamlessly integrated with iVend Retail – a complete Retail Management Solution and iVend Loyalty – a point and reward management solution.

iVend Loyalty

Increase Customer Loyalty for Repeat Footfall and Higher Returns.

Survival in Modern Retail eases with Loyal customers. Creating customer loyalty is an essential function of retail and iVend loyalty helps retailers build customer loyalty with an integrated system for loyalty cards, reward programs and many more.

Impressionable reward programs can effortlessly be configured in iVend Loyalty and executed on iVend Retail to add tremendous value to any retail business. iVend Loyalty allows for configuring, managing and tracking all loyalty programs to entice customers and maximizing the merchant brand.

iVend Loyalty is a sophisticated, easy to configure, out of the box solution to help a retailer get repeat customers and to also build Brand loyalty which otherwise may take years of concerted effort.

iVend Passes

iVend Passes is a platform for retailers to deploy Digital Passes for Apple Passbooks and Android smartphones. For displaying such a simple thing as a pass, the process of creating it is very technical. iVend Passes removes the technical challenge so you can focus on your consumer engagement.

iVend Passes helps retailers to stay connected with their customers. Build your pass template for your targeted customer base, create a pass at Point of Sale (POS terminal) and send Passes to all your customers without the hassle of a custom mobile application.

iVend Analytics

Proactive decision making for Successful retailing. Deriving meaningful & actionable information from the data was never easier. iVend Analytics makes you use this information to run your businesses better.

It leverages transactional data of your retail environment to generate detailed insight which is functional & actionable. For example – Year on Year comparison of Gross Profit contribution of a product line or a customer segment, rolling 3-6-12 month analysis across multiple parameters, seasonal trends leading to effective merchandizing, and many more such dashboards come alive when you plug in iVend Analytics to your retail environment.

iVend Analytics is a set of pre-packaged, shrink wrapped Business Intelligence dashboards which seamlessly plug into iVend Retail. Utilizing cutting edge technology, iVend Analytics offers intuitive dashboards across business functions in iVend Retail as well as the core Business Management Applications.

iVend Analytics runs on any browser, iPhone/iPad or any Android device.

iVend Integrations

Faced with mounting global competition, companies are having to improve how they coordinate activity across the company in order to maximize the value they deliver and minimize costs. In turn, this requires them to integrate previously discrete departmental information systems in order to enable such collaborative working.

Just as we always let a specialist execute a specialized job, quite in the same manner specific business processes are best handled by applications specifically designed to carry out those functions. But there is always a need to get all these specialized applications to work together as an integrated unit.

This is the genesis of application integrations.